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Get Real! 
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Get Real!
Get Real! is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) unlike any other CSA. Get Real! makes farm fresh produce more accessible to people in food deserts. Get Real! works with farmers to get produce and deliver it to food deserts during pick-up events at community centers. The delivery of produce is merely the first step and a catalyst for developing a new community based on healthier living. 
Datrianna M Final Presentation
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Matt T Technical Section
Using the MyPyramid Food Data a future iteration of our site would include:
  • A calorie calculator, and weekly fat/protein/sugar/etc ratio graph that would update automatically with items selected during the month.
  • Customers would be able to update their meals on a daily basis.
  • Purpose - to both encourage future use of our site, and healthy eating.
APIs (for future integration):
(Farmer's Markets Locator)
  • Final Concept
Get Real!
What we do?
Datrianna M
  • We bring fresh, locally-grown produce to families in food deserts 
  • Customers can purchase produce online or in-person and receive a walk through of our site from a staff member
  • We accept a variety of payment options (EBT, debit, credit, cash)
  • We provide recipes to educate users on how to use produce they may be unfamiliar with
  • We station our pick up locations at YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and churches to encourage community gatherings
Robin N
  •  At pick up locations, we provide hands-on learning activities to teach healthy cooking and habits to community members 
Why we do it? 
Datrianna M
  • We believe families should be informed, engaged, and encouraged on their journeys to healthy living 
  • We believe that no matter where you live or how you're paying, you should have access to fresh food, it’s the real deal! 
Who we are?
We are a community!  We employ members of the communities we operate in and engage the employees of the YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and churches where we schedule pick ups
Robin N Customers pay the cost of the food itself while the Partnership for a Healthier America and other public and private supporters subsidize distribution overheads. 
How does it work? 
Datrianna M Enter responsive website, www.getreal.com, from mobile, tablet, desktop, home, library, work etc (site that displays properly regardless of device)
Enter your zip code (future iteration) 
Enter your budget for that shopping experience(optional--the idea is that those on fixed food budgets will be able to keep track of their spending while shopping)
User is taken to the home page where they select the items they want to purchase
User submits order
New users are prompted to create a profile (name, email, phone, email)
Users can sign up for SMS text reminders to pick up their boxes and activity schedule
Users select their pick-up location from our list of local partners
Users confirm their pick-up location, date, and time
Users Receive confirmation  
  • Pick Up Party (Pre-orders)
  • Your food arrives at the pick up party location you selected 
  • Pay for your food ( EBT, debit, credit, cash)
  • Place your next order with us
  • Check out the schedule of activities for that day
  • Participate in a cooking class with other community members or take a Zumba class,  the kids can participate in activities or just hang out and play 
  • Pick Up Party (Walk ups)
  • Arrive at the pick-up party
  • Be greeted by Get Real! staff
  • Receive walk through of the site and how Get Real! works
  • Check out the schedule of activities for that day
  • Participate in a cooking class with other community members or take a Zumba class,  the kids can participate in activities or just hang out and play 
Work Notes
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  •  Notes
Robin N
  • Work with community groups directly as the groups who use the software to coordinate with the farmers market
  • Suggested recipes based on your cart choices
  • Suggested shopping lists based on your budget
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Kirk M Applesauce
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Kirk kirk@nextdaybetter.com
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Kirk M Are you a parent or teacher searching for a unique curriculum that instills healthy habits in your students? 
People like a mix of fun and learning.  They learn by seeing and doing.
High touch, not high tech.
Applesauce is an online platform that assists teachers in promoting life skills and wellness information in a fun and engaging experience.
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Deliverables / Presentation - Static page demoing a video page with teacher profile, student likes, posted cooking class, and comments. Hi-fi mockups for login, main profile, and video page. Presentation deck reviewing Applesauce platform.
Deliverables / Future - A deployable build of Applesauce that can be distributed to select schools for initial location testing. Build will include -
  • Customizable profiles per teacher and school 
  • Ability to post tutorials and cooking classes in a carefully curated environment
  • Classroom integration including student profiles and badging system
  • Resource Starter Pack that outlines a sample program for teachers and schools to follow
Future plans include integration of e-commerce platform for sponsored videos and an extensively designed programs that will tailor the Applesauce experience to all ages and grade levels.
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