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Get Real!

Get Real! is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) unlike any other CSA. Get Real! makes farm fresh produce more accessible to people in food deserts. Get Real! works with farmers to get produce and deliver it to food deserts during pick-up events at community centers. The delivery of produce is merely the first step and a catalyst for developing a new community based on healthier living. 

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Technical Section

Using the MyPyramid Food Data a future iteration of our site would include:

APIs (for future integration): 

(Farmer’s Markets Locator) 


Final Concept

Get Real!


What we do?


Why we do it? 


Who we are?

We are a community!  We employ members of the communities we operate in and engage the employees of the YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and churches where we schedule pick ups. 



Customers pay the cost of the food itself while the Partnership for a Healthier America and other public and private supporters subsidize distribution overheads. 


How does it work? 

Enter responsive website,, from mobile, tablet, desktop, home, library, work etc (site that displays properly regardless of device)

Enter your zip code (future iteration) 

Enter your budget for that shopping experience(optional--the idea is that those on fixed food budgets will be able to keep track of their spending while shopping)

User is taken to the home page where they select the items they want to purchase

User submits order

New users are prompted to create a profile (name, email, phone, email)

Users can sign up for SMS text reminders to pick up their boxes and activity schedule

Users select their pick-up location from our list of local partners

Users confirm their pick-up location, date, and time

Users Receive confirmation  

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